Category: Keybinds

Cruise Control (Y)

When you are in a car and cant be bothered to hold the W key or you want to stay at a constant speed press Y when you reach the speed you want/need then all you have to do is steer.

Vehicle Trunk-Dash/Underscore

If you want to access your vehicles trunk you go to the side of it and hit the Dash/Underscore key and it should open unless the vehicle is locked or you are standing in the wrong place.

Player Menu (Z-Hold)

If you want/need to see the player list hold down Z and it will tell you everyone that is on and how many CCops,EMS,Mechanics and Taxi drivers are on.

Hands up (H-Hold)

If you get pulled over by a cop and they ask you to put your hands up hold down the H key and follow their orders.

Vehicle Options (M)

If you press M it will bring up a menu with things like: Online players Vehicle options Player options recording options misc options.

Accessories (K)

If you have a Hat/Helmet on or an Ear ring you can press K in game to equipped and unequipped all accessories.

Invoices (F7)

When you press F7 it will show all your invoices (Bills) and you can pay them all if you have the money too.

Job Menu (F6)

When you press F6 in game a menu will come up showing: Options for your job such as a repair option when your a mechanic. cuffing people when your a cop. and a lot more.

Animations (F3)

Pressing F3 will bring up a menu where you can do things such as: Change your Walking style. Do animations such as smoke,sit down,laugh,Drink beer and much more.