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Getting Started

First, join our discord channel for quick help: After flying in at the airport, register and grab your luggage (set your name clothing – no default dans). If you have trouble register, type /register Check the map for the nearest Car Rental. Head downtown to the Arcadia Business Center and do your 2 driving […]

Trucking Updates

If you drive a fuel tanker, it now brings you only to gas stations. Which by the way, are purchasable. Also, you can drive your own big rig, or rent one.

Properties Added

You can now purchase some gas stations. They will soon need to be refueled and will start to generate cash daily.

What A Business?

A business is a property that generates income. The income varies on the price of the building. Purchase businesses as a Company in order to generate passive income. Businesses use resources such as Gas, Clothing, or Drugs, over time.

Buy A Business

To buy a business, simply look for the [] icon on the map and walk into the circle. If you have enough money you can purchase the business.

Register New Company

To register a new company you need to go to the Business Center and register a new company at the executive desk.


Go and become a mechanic at the job centre To go on duty go to los santos customs in the centre of los santos Get your mechanic truck After that wait for a call from an online player Finally when  you get one go over that RolePlay it out and use the F6 menu to […]

Change Clothes!

No default Dans! Checkered clothes means you didn’t follow the first steps. Change before you get the boot.